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How does a dehumidifier work?

How does a dehumidifier work?

The main function of a dehumidifier is to reduce the excess moisture level in any desired room. By preventing the build-up of excess moisture in your room it helps to prevent the growth of mould and any harmful allergens in the air provide a non-suitable living condition for dust mites as well. But how does dehumidifier control the humidity in the area? What is the mechanism that allows the dehumidifier to draw in moist air and turn it into a liquid for removal purpose?

Her is how the mechanism work. The coils are colder than surrounding air, when air passes through the coils it causes the air cools, its ability to hold and retain moisture drops, and when the air has more moisture than it can hold, it forms that familiar condensate. Same as when the sweating of water occur on the surface glass of cold water.

Here is the working principle step by step of a dehumidifier.

  1. Air is drawn into the unit by a fan

  2. Air passes over the cooled coils

  3. As the air is cooled, the moisture condenses

  4. Water falls into the drip pan or removable bucket

  5. Air is then reheated by the heat recovery system

  6. Air that is 2° Celsius warmer and considerably dryer disperses back into the room

  7. The defrost system will automatically de-ice the unit as necessary

  8. The dehumidifier will automatically shut off when the drainage bucket is full—you don’t have to worry about it

  9. When the dehumidifier achieves the selected level of dryness in the room, it will automatically turn off

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