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Ozoniser Application

Ozoniser Application

There are many used of ozoniser that could help alleviates our daily lives environment. Below are the lists of the example where ozoniser is applicable.

  • Odor control for sewage plants:

Effective odor control and air purification require that the odor or impurities be contained in either a ventilation stream or confined space. The odors and impurities can then be selectively treated. In most cases, those odors and contaminants generated by bacterial or organic action in either aerobic or anaerobic environments can be neutralized by oxidation using ozone. The

resulting reaction compounds are innocuous and odorless. Properly controlled injection of ozone is an effective, inexpensive method of oxidizing hydrogen sulfide and methane.

  • Cigarette & Cigar Smoke Removal / Elimination:

OZONE eliminates the irritation caused by phenol gasses, by oxidizing them. Phenol gasses are the invisible part of tobacco smoke that causes such discomfort to one's eyes and create the offensive odors. Ozone rids any environment of the effects of smoke completely, rather than merely filtering out some of the visible particles like an electronic air cleaner or air filter system.

  • Building-cleaning services:

Ozone is effective for preventing the growth of bacteria and mildew in a bathroom, as well as neutralizing any unpleasant bathroom odors. Ozone generators can be fitted into public restrooms to maintain a low level of bacteria and deodorize the area, creating the most sanitary conditions possible for the users. Ozone generators can be used by cleaning personnel in an office area to deodorize and neutralize the smell of smoke, etc. The ozone generator can be left on in an empty room to sanitize and deodorize the room, getting rid of musty, stale smells and permeating the curtains and carpet killing bacteria and mildew. A portable unit can be used to deodorize rooms, offices or bathrooms or small permanent units can be installed in each room or bathroom.

  • Boat / Ship / Cruise line Odor:

Boats often develop strong fishy odors, bacterial, mold, and other odors. Ozone is excellent for removing and controlling these odors. Cruise ship companies can use ozone generators for room decontamination and odor removal just as hotels and motels.

  • Commercial-Catering Grease And Odour Elimination

Greasy odor contaminated air from cooking and frying processes passes the Honeycomb Grease filter of the hood or kitchen ceiling, and is then cleaned bypassing the ESP and finally UV ozoniser cleaning system, the following UV ozoniser advantages:

  1. Reduced cleaning and maintenance costs because of grease-free ductworks

  2. Reduced fire risk

  3. Elimination of odor

  4. Grease build-up in existing exhaust systems reduced, and therefore no necessity for replacement of polluted ducts

  5. No usage of chemicals – no corrosion

  6. No microorganisms within the ducts, bringing improved hygienic conditions

  7. Power and duration of fans significantly improved

  8. Improved Kitchen Exhaust Emission control

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