September 24, 2020

Indoor laundry drying

During the rainy season, drying laundry outside is not an option. Most of us will opt to dry our laundry inside our house. Unfortunately, indoor laundry drying could potentially create more harm to us than we thought. It may seem like a small matte...

September 17, 2020

How does a dehumidifier work?

The main function of a dehumidifier is to reduce the excess moisture level in any desired room. By preventing the build-up of excess moisture in your room it helps to prevent the growth of mould and any harmful allergens in the air provide...

September 4, 2020

The KrystalAir UVC Mobile Room Steriliser (MRS) is designed user friendly and specifically for direct, prolonged UVC treatment inside rooms. Place the MRS inside the room that requires treatment, set ON or uses the timer for desired exposure time, hit start and walk aw...

July 27, 2020

ASHRAE Introduces Updated Reopening Guide for Schools and Universities 

ATLANTA (July 22, 2020) – The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force has developed guidance on the operation of HVAC systems to help mitigate the airborne transmission of SARS-CoV-2 as schools prepare to reopen...

July 9, 2020

Ultraviolet (UV) ozone generation

Ultraviolet lamps have been used for decades to generate ozone. This lamp emits UV light at 185 nanometers (nm). Light is measured on a scale called an electromagnetic spectrum and its increments are referred to as nanometers. Figure 1...

July 2, 2020

We offer a wide variety of Ozoniser which are designed for domestic and also can applicable for commercial applications.

Type of Ozonisers

Ozoniser I

Mini Ozonair

Ozoniser I & Mini Ozonair is designed for domestic and also can applicable for commercial applications. It con...

June 25, 2020

How does an ozoniser works

Our advanced oxidization process begins when UV light bands react on hydrated, quadmetallic, compound targets. These reactions produce friendly oxidizers, including hydroperoxides, super oxide ions, ozonide ions, and hydroxides. These oxidizer...

June 18, 2020

Ozoniser Application

There are many used of ozoniser that could help alleviates our daily lives environment. Below are the lists of the example where ozoniser is applicable.

  • Odor control for sewage plants:

Effective odor control and air purification require that th...

June 11, 2020

What is Ozoniser ?

Ozone is possibly the most powerful and effective eliminator of smoke and odors. Ozone eliminates odor and tobacco smoke, its impurities or Phenol gasses, and odors from cooking, pets, mold, mildew and often the sources of household odors. Disinfectin...

May 14, 2020

ASHRAE Offers COVID-19 Building Readiness/Reopening Guidance

ATLANTA (May 7, 2020) – The ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force has developed guidance on mitigating potential health risks during reopening of buildings closed during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"We have reached a time wher...

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June 11, 2020

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