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How does an ozoniser works ?

How does an ozoniser works

Our advanced oxidization process begins when UV light bands react on hydrated, quadmetallic, compound targets. These reactions produce friendly oxidizers, including hydroperoxides, super oxide ions, ozonide ions, and hydroxides. These oxidizers then purify the air by oxidizing, or neutralizing, the pollutants, and then become oxygen and hydrogen molecules.

Firstly, the air in the surrounding is being pulled into the ozone generator, then it will pass through the filter dust and the built-in fan helps accelerate the air through the high voltage mechanism where it helps convert the oxygen molecules (O2) to ozone molecules (O3). Since the ozone molecule could be in reactive condition there is protective grill cover the mechanism where people would not directly touch the system during operation. Finally, the ozone will exit the machine and oxidise with the odor, smoke, contaminant and etc. and help alleviate the environment in the your surrounding.

Figure 1: Pictograph of How Air Ozone Generator Works

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