Non-Thermal Plasma Model Airnet@2000

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Plasma-O2 is superior to ioniser technology. Conventional ionisers cause a black-ring effect around the unit as sparks from the unit 'burns' organic matter in the air, turning them into carbon deposits. The sparks are also a fire risk near flammable matter.

Plasma-O2 technology produces a corona-effect without sparking. Each tube has 100 discharge points producing an abundant stream of oxygen plasma for effective and continuous sterilisation and purification of air and surfaces.

The Airnet 200 is not an ozone generator. Ozone generators produce high levels of ozone which are toxic to humans. The Airnet 2000 complies with the World Health Organisation (WHO) standards on ozone emission (less than the permitted level of 0.05ppm)

The science behind Non-Thermal Plasma
The unit produces a controlled and continuous high energy electron discharge across the glass wall of the plasma tube. This splits the oxygen molecules in the air to form negatively-ionised oxygen plasma. One of the oxygen radicals found in the plasma include hydrogen peroxide, a very powerful disinfectant and cleanser. When it encounters bacteria, it quickly oxidizes some of the bacteria to die quickly. the negative-ions contained in the plasma also rejuvenates the air and causes dust particles in the air to clump together and fall to the ground as fluff.

1. Eliminates unpleasant odours in enclosed areas in homes.
2. Eliminates unpleasant odours in air_conditioned areas.
3. Reduce risk of bacterial or viral infections in indoors places especially amongst high-risk groups.
4. Reduce risk of food poisoning.
5. Neutralise toxic fumes such as car exhaust and household cleaning agents.
6. Reduce air-borne dust and irritant (helps alleviate asthma symptoms)
7. Control mould and fungus growth.
8. Eliminate sick-building syndrome by refreshing stale air with negative ions.

1. Kitchen, toilets, cupboards, pantry, laundry, rooms, for the infirmed, confined areas for pets and garbage.
2. Supermarkets (esp Fish and Meat Section), hair salons, pet stores, pubs, restaurants, entertainment outlets
3. Medical clinics, hospitals, child and aged care facilities hotels, lifts, lobby and waiting areas.
4. Places where food and drinks are handled or sold
5. Inner city dwellings and offices.
6. Areas where there is damp and poor ventilation eg. bathrooms, closets, and basements.
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