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KrystalAir UVC Mobile Room Sterilizer

How UVGI (UVC) Helps?

Very user friendly and designed specifically for direct, prolonged UVC treatment inside rooms. Simply place the MRS inside the room that need treatment, set the timer for desired exposure time, hit start and walk away. Remote Control system to allow the operator to switch on after exit the room, the unit will disinfect all air and surfaces within its reach until the pre-set amount of time has been met. MRS is on wheels, can easily move between multiple rooms that require UVC treatment, once the MRS is finished in one room, smooth roll it into next room.

UVC Sterilization

Kill up to 99.99% bacteria and viruses

Efficiency & Safety

UVC Germicidal, 254 Nm, Fixtures increase the value of all air conditioning and air-circulating systems by maximizing system efficiency and prolonging blower life. In addition, by treating air that passes through with ultraviolet light, you will reduce or eliminate, DNA-based airborne contaminants (bacteria, viruses, mold spores, yes, protozoa), and provide people in offices, and at home with much healthier air to breathe. More than few thousands have been safely installed in hospital, clinics, processing plants, commercial offices, manufacturing sites and other commercial facilities and family residences around the world.


  • Produce no ozone or other secondary contaminants

  • Sterilizes airborne and surface DNA-based contaminants

  • Come with programmable timer to set desired exposure time

  • Wheels allow use in multiple rooms without any permanent fixtures installation

  • Auto shutdown system while someone close to equipment for safety purpose

  • Two choices of disinfection modes

  • Remote control system


KrystalAir UVC Mobile Room Sterilizer (MRS) units are used in hospitals, laboratories, hotels, restaurants, schools, offices, childcare, commercial area, pharmaceutical, industrial and residential space that require direct, prolonged UVC treatment.

Technical Specification

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