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Do You Need A Dehumidifier?

Identify the critical areas that required a dehumidifier at your home or office:

1. First things to take note is identified your area first whether it is large or small.

The bigger the area is the bigger the capacity of dehumidifier you may need. The bigger the capacity the bigger the area of coverage. The large capacity of dehumidifier helps in moisture removal quickly and effectively even in resistant situation it would be able to remove moisture such as under the sink.

2. Does the area you want to place is damp or wet?

The damper the area the bigger dehumidifier capacity you may need. The large capacity dehumidifier helps in removing moisture in an existing wet area such as a wet basement or storage room.

3. Fix the existing problem

Even with the help of a dehumidifier, if the existing problem is not taking care first, the moisture level would not go down as you want. The existing problem may come from the accumulation of water from a leaky or burst pipe that you might not notice. This water accumulation would affect your home structure and humidity and moisture level. For more tips, see “Effect of indoor humidity and how to reduce indoor humidity”

The features that needs to be taken account for before acquiring a dehumidifier

  • Humidistat control: automatically maintains your desired level of humidity by triggering the dehumidifier to run only when needed.

  • Various Operating Modes and Speeds: There are few available options and modes to be selected to suit your home level of dehumidification.

  • Casters and Handles: Caster wheels and handle make the dehumidifier portable and easy transfer.

  • Auto shut-off: when water level collected full in the water tank it will auto shut-off for ease usage and prevent water spillage.

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