How to reduce home humidity during rainy days?

Malaysia has tropical weather year-round, two type of weather which hot and rainy season. During rainy season, the humidity increases especially in the highland where it experiences cooler temperature than the lowland. Two types of monsoon will occur in Malaysia throughout the year, namely Southwest Monsoon from late May to September and the Northeast Monsoon from November to March. The heaviest rainfall usually during the Northeast monsoon and it would especially affect the east coast of Malaysia and west of Sarawak. Southwest monsoon has a lesser effect on Malaysia since it carries less heavy rainfall. The Northeast monsoon usually would affect a few states on the east coast such as Kelantan, Terengganu and Pahang. During November till January would be the wettest month for Malaysia

By the end of the year, the east coast would be facing the wettest season where the humidity level would rise making the water vapour to be denser than usual. Even though it does lower the surrounding temperature making it colder. However, over time it will make the condition to be more stuffy and causes much more health problem such as respiratory-related illnesses. When the environment is humid it may cause many unwanted problems such as mould, mildew, condensation, staining, odour, etc.

Below are lists of the effect that caused by a high level of humidity at home: